behind the scenes at DrewinsTecker

who are we?

We are an experienced team of designers, analysts and marketers.  We are in this business since 2018 and helped multiple brands to grow.

We try to pull off the best and most unique campaigns for out clients to generate higher leads. We also provide plans that amalgates all of our servicies together.

What Makes Us ?

We Understand Your Problems!

We are constantly in touch with our folks at DrewinsTecker InfoTech and we know what goes behind the scenes at technology companies from leads to the final deployement of products. This gives us a better and deeper insight of tech companies and makes the workflow easier.

24/7 Support!

Our Support team is always available and tries to provide best support to our clients as helping them is our top priority.

We're Not Just Limited to Marketing!

We are consistently researching about Neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology that helps us to better understand
how to really get into the mind of the people we're targeting.

No Hidden Costs!

Our Pricings are availabe on our website, no other agency keep their pricings open and often end up charging more than what the clients expect. But We don't do that.

New Approach To Do Things!

Moreover, we know a lot of business owners who have been stung by other agencies before, we know exactly how other agencies work, and that’s how we’ve made ourselves different. When you work with an agency, at least 50% of your budget is going to “busy-work”. This is work that keeps the agency employees busy, but has absolutely no value for you. Do you really think 4 weeks of onboarding, research, and benchmarking is really necessary? No, it’s not and they know it too. Hence, We at DT media do things with a new approach which is way more faster & convinient.

Share your requirements, challenges, and problems with us. Go to the contact page or email directly at [email protected]and we will revert.

After understanding your problems and requirements, our team will make a strategic plan to solve and execute your work as early as possible.

Before jumping into the work, we share a proper invoice, the total cost for the project, and the deadline for the project delivery.

After the approval of the project, and invoice from the customer. Our team starts crafting your project with their creativity and experience.

We keep you update dwith your project status. We Send daily/weekly reports and updates regarding your project.

Our team works with their full potential to deliver your project within the promised deadline, along with unexceptional bonuses and some extras.

We care for our customers. So we provide proper revisions, support, and guidance even after the completion and delivery of the project.

Your Dream. Our Mission.


We think it is really crucial for you to understand our working procedure before your hire us. So, here is how we work and deliver wonderful projects with top-notch support.

Meet The A-Team

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Ayush Singh


Ritik Bhardwaj

VP Sales

Sharad Mishra

Chief Marketing Officer

Priyanshu Malik

Lead Designer

Vaibhav Jayant

Social Media Managaer

Himanshu Gupta

Head of Content

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